Prospects of Digital Marketing in Bangladesh

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The key objective of digital marketing is to create brand identity, promote brand awareness and drive sales or leads to business.

Digital Marketing is one of marketing strategies in this modern era which is using digital media or channels to promote products and services to the key audiences.

The overall marketing goal, whether traditional marketing, digital marketing or any other form is to sell product and earn revenue. Every platform has its own uniqueness. Briefly, if I say, a website is the reflection of business and represents a business online and the main goal is to sell products or provide information to end customers through search engine optimization; a social media’s main goal is to drive potential customers to a website; and digital marketing main goal is to promote brand. When you creates the brand for your business, you don’t have to think about the marketing strategy of your individual product line.

Digital Marketing includes digital advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), social media optimization (SMO), display marketing, pay per click (PPC), email marketing, content marketing, SMS/MMS marketing i.e. telemarketing, article marketing, or any other form of digital media which markets brand.

The prospects of digital marketing in Bangladesh is imperishable. Because it is much cheaper than traditional marketing. Let’s assume, you are an entrepreneur. You are going to launch a product in the market. But you don’t have investment enough. When you promote products through traditional media i.e. print media or TVC format, you have to spend a lot for creating content and promoting on the platform later. But when you promote in digital media, you need not cost much, even no budget, through a Facebook page, LinkedIn page, YouTube channel or any other web properties.

Digital Marketing Prospects in Bangladesh

Let me explain it briefly, for instances, if you want to reach 1000 people, you have to cost at least BDT 250 for print media, BDT 500 for TVC media, but only BDT 30 for Facebook marketing in Bangladesh, according to BTRC.

Nowadays people are more fond of quality than quantity. So we don’t need to do mass marketing where we are able to target potential customers. And it reduces your marketing cost per 1000 reach. Let’s think “Fair and Handsome Face Wash for Men”. If you target TVC ads, you are going to target mass people, even who are not your key audiences. Fortunately, if you promote this product to YouTube ads, as an example, you can target based on demographic, geographic, interest, time, device and more. And its cost is nominal reaching 1000 people comparing to print or TVC media indeed.

Let’s go through some statistics for digital marketing prospects in Bangladesh. As we know digital marketing is implemented based on internet mostly other than few offline platform. According to BTRC, the total number of Internet Subscribers has reached 63.915 million at the end of July 2016 which is 38% of total population of Bangladesh. Among them, 60M subscribers use the internet through the phone. According to Alexa, YouTube is the most viewed website where Facebook is in position 4 in Bangladesh. What does it indicate? Yah, people are passing their time mostly on YouTube to be entertained rather than reading a magazine or watching television. 

According to Facebook Insights, Bangladesh has 20M to 25M active facebook users. Where men are 78% and women are 22% (a bit confusion about this, though). Most users are from age 18 to 24 which is almost 62% of total ages and from Dhaka city approximately 63%. And most of them uses Facebook through mobile devices and more than 80% users.

So everyone is shifting from traditional media to the digital channel. They love internet and technology. Where the world moves to be digitized, why does Bangladesh stay lag behind! The Government has taken many initiatives and we are going to part of these trends. I firmly believe this is the right time to get acquainted with digital media along with traditional media.

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